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The Bridge of Dreams by Sylvia Price


Discover a world of love, faith, and community in this prequel to an exciting Amish romance series. Follow the Lancaster County Amish as they navigate the challenges of balancing their beliefs with the allure of the wider world.

In a world where expectations and traditions are highly valued, eldest daughter Hannah Fisher’s dream of attending college creates a rift within her Amish community. As Hannah struggles to find a balance between her Amish faith and her desire to explore the outside world, tensions rise, and relationships are put to the test. To complicate matters further, Samuel Stoltzfus, Hannah’s childhood friend, has his heart set on courting her, making it even harder for her to choose her path.

Meanwhile, younger sister Ruth struggles to reconcile her own dreams with the expectations of the community. Follow Hannah and her sister Ruth through their journey of self-discovery as they navigate the conflict between tradition and change with unexpected twists and turns along the way.

The Lancaster Bridges series explores a close-knit Amish community in Pennsylvania as they navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Experience the beauty and simplicity of Amish culture, while also witnessing the characters’ journeys of self-discovery, personal growth, and community building. Overall, the series offers a rich and heartfelt portrayal of a community that is both deeply traditional and open to change, and celebrates the enduring values of family, faith, and love.

Genre: Romance