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The Games We Used To Play (Magic Blood Book 1) by David Jimenez


Luca Callahan and Blake Grimshaw couldn’t be more different, even if they tried. The former is a Lord, heir to the Bellwick Dukedom and a member of the Royal Guard, while the latter is the leader of the Black-Fern syndicate and the last known magic user. But when England is threatened to be destroyed by tsunamis, earthquakes and other catastrophes caused by magic, the captain of the Guard sees no other choice but to assign them to solve the case together. Little does anyone know that they have quite a bit of history together that they will be forced to work through if they hope to be successful. Only time will tell if this tragedy is able to repair what had been broken years ago. Or, perhaps, it will turn out that they had always been destined to destroy each other.
A story about friendship, love, regret, magic, and, most importantly, a raccoon.

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-10-31