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The Magelands Eternal Siege by Christopher Mitchell


***** “Fantastic. Fantasy at its very best.”

A city ruled by Gods, a mortal champion, a misfit girl and a disobedient dragon…

This box-set includes the Blade Trilogy – the first three books (complete arc) of The Magelands Eternal Siege, over 1300 paperback pages or 2000 Kindle pages!

The Mortal Blade

The Dragon’s Blade

The Prince’s Blade

The three books of the Blade Trilogy have over 1500 five star ratings between them and The Mortal Blade was ranked as a #1 Best Seller in the Epic Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery categories in the UK store.

Stolen from his home, Corthie Holdfast has arrived in the City of the Eternal Siege as a new Champion.

He must fight alongside the Blades, whose lives are dedicated to the defence of the City against the hordes of monstrous Greenhides; or die at the hands of the Gods who rule.

Maddie Jackdaw, a young Blade, faces her last chance. Thrown out of every unit defending the City, either she takes on a new role, or she will be sent to the Rats, a company of misfits given the perilous tasks beyond the Great Walls.

Her new role, if she takes it, will bring her face to face with her deepest fears, for beneath the walls, in a secret and hidden lair, lies a dragon, imprisoned and waiting…

What readers are saying:

***** “An amazing fantasy book by a British author. A well written story that draws you in, the characters are great, I can’t wait to see where the story goes.”

***** “The book has all the strong foundations for an epic fantasy series. If you are looking for a new fantasy series to get stuck in then do yourself a favour and pick up this book! It is fantastic..”

***** “The first book that I have read by this author. It was one of those books that you find hard to put down. Lovable characters, great plot and I am looking forward to reading the rest of his works.”

***** “This is the kind of epic fantasy that I live for: multiple interesting characters, a mysterious world (with the promise of more to come), power struggles, an eternal war with demons-like creatures, and just a tad of romance. … I cannot recommend this enough!”

***** “Mortal Blade is a rich and detailed book, the world evolves as more details are revealed through the lives of the four main characters. It is not fast paced or constant action but thoughtful character development. As if a painting is gradually coming into focus as each layer is added.”

***** “Brilliant, best read I’ve had in ages, whole heartedly recommended with no doubt. Brilliant characters including 2 dragons one of whom makes me laugh with her curmudgeonly character I’d say this would suit 14 years plus.”

***** “Great care has been taken with world building, character development and multiple, intersecting plot lines that make it very hard to put down once you start. It exceeded my expectations.”

***** “This is a fantastic story and it has everything you would want – dragons, gods, superpowers and lots of drama!”

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-03-24