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The Submissive’s Touch by Abby Gordon


In the shock-filled days after 9/11, Ally Brown meets Army sniper JW Franklin and is left breathless, and alone, after he kisses her. Struggling in NYC society, she takes a radical step that brings him back into her life twice more. After the third rejection, she’s determined to make sure she never sees him again. When he intervenes, is she strong enough to stand up to the man who broke her heart?
Determined to be alone, JW refused to accept family legend and the connection he felt with Ally. As they crash in and out of each other’s lives, burning up the sheets and deepening the ties between them, he continues to walk away. Until his world explodes and realizes that only Ally can heal his heart. But has he left it too late?

Picks up right after First Connection (novella prequel) ends.
The first four books overlap and do not need to be read in order if the reader doesn’t mind slight spoilers or Easter eggs.

Genre: Romance