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Tiger Mate by Anastasia Wilde


Jesse Travis is the Silverlake pack’s top Negotiator, making deals and alliances with other wolf packs. Until he blows up a mating negotiation by stealing the mate intended for his pack’s Enforcer—the adopted daughter of Nash Jenkins, one of the wealthiest, most ruthless alphas in the country.

Sophia, a wolf/tiger hybrid, knows what her father wants from her: to bring down the Silverlake power structure from inside, so he can take control of their valuable territory. If she refuses to mate with their Enforcer, Nash will out her darkest secret to the Shifter Council—her hidden tiger side is a rogue monster she can’t control. According to their laws, she’ll be thrown in prison, or put down.

Jesse is willing to do anything to keep Sophia—if only she’ll trust him with her secrets. But when they’re captured by shifter traffickers, led by his pack’s most dangerous enemy, Sophia’s hidden monster erupts. Can Jesse tame her tiger and engineer their escape, before his true mate is sold to the highest bidder? And even if he can, does he have the strength to take on Nash Jenkins and the entire Shifter Council—and win?

Silverlake Shifters—Hot wild shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies and danger—and happily ever afters.