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When Love Is Unexpected: A Sweet Fake Relationship Friends To Lovers Romance by Mari Hernan



I never expected my best friend to be the one until he left and took my heart with him.

When he returns a year later and asks me to pretend to be his girlfriend for his sister’s wedding, I can’t resist.

As we play the role of a couple, the lines between fantasy and reality blur, deepening our connection.

Our love blossoms with every stolen glance, gentle caress, and sweet kiss until it can no longer be denied.

But when I witness a moment between him and his ex, the pain of betrayal makes me question everything.


From the moment I met her, fate gently whispered, “She’s the one.”

But her heart was taken, so I settled for a beautiful friendship until the day it was no longer enough.

I said goodbye, but not before an almost kiss anchored by heart back to hers.

When I return a year later, I find that she’s now free.

Our friendship soon transforms into what my heart has longed for since the day I met her.

But a cruel misunderstanding shatters the illusion and threatens to ruin everything.

Now, I must prove my feelings are genuine, and my heart beats for her alone.

I must fight to win back her trust or risk losing her forever.

Genre: Romance
#Clean #SmallTown
Deal End Date: 2024-06-25