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When the Wallflowers were Wicked – Box Collection Two by Merry Farmer


The Chandramukhi Diamond trilogy of the When the Wallflowers were Wicked series is now together in one collection!


After her naughty escapades the night of Lady Charlotte Grey’s engagement party, poor Rebecca Burgess has been shunted off to Miss Dobson’s Finishing School—which everyone knows is little more than a reformatory for young ladies who had sullied their reputation. She would do anything to break free and to find herself in the arms of Bow Street Runner, Nigel Kent, again.

And then the Chandramukhi Diamond is stolen.

Nigel is tasked with investigating the theft of the priceless diamond, but it’s impossible for him to keep his mind on his work when the Rebecca becomes an unlikely ally in his investigation. The diamond was stolen from the house adjoining Miss Dobson’s school, and the network of secret passageways between the buildings allows for more than just eavesdropping.

But when Nigel and Rebecca take their dalliance too far, Miss Dobson might just come between them forever and allow the diamond thief to get away to boot. Can true love rescue Rebecca from horrible treachery?


After one little moral slip, Miss Josephine Hodges was banished to Miss Dobson’s Finishing School to mend her ways. What could have been a misery has turned into a blessing in disguise as she helps her friends investigate the theft of a priceless diamond. But when Jo’s mother arrives at the school to inform her she’s been promised in marriage to none other than that notorious Lord Lichfield, Jo is in shock. How could she possibly marry the man she suspects of stealing the diamond?

Lord Felix Lichfield is desperate for a wife after rumors of his wickedness cause his fiancé to call off the engagement, but he never suspected his mother would stoop so low as to find a bride for him without his involvement. But when he meets the feisty Miss Hodges, things begin to look up. Except that he suspects his new fiancée has heard all about his reputation and wishes embrace it just when he would do anything to put that part of his life behind him.

There is more going on than meets the eye, though, and when Jo and Felix team up to hunt the diamond thief—and to explore their passions while they’re at it—anything could happen.


Lady Caroline Pepys has taken matters into her own hands. Now that she is mistress of the school for young ladies with ruined reputations, she plans not only to give her friends the tools they will need to survive in a hostile world, she intends to claim the hand of the rakish Lord Rufus Herrington for herself. But first she plans to recover the missing Chandramukhi Diamond and bring its thief to justice.

Rufus has never fallen so head-over-heels in love with a woman in his life, and he will stop at nothing to help Caro in her quest to recover the diamond. But with pressure mounting for him to marry in order to restore his family’s fortunes, will his dalliance with Caro be his last affair b

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-10-15