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Where the Thistle Grows by Mia Pride


Falling through time was unavoidable. Falling for him was disastrous.

Scotland is a land of lore and legend, but archeologist Caitriona Murray prefers physical evidence to ancient tales. Joining a major excavation off the northern Scotland coast, Caitriona cannot wait to discover a cave’s buried secrets. Because of reoccurring dreams of an ancient man’s death, she is convinced that a Pictish king is buried within those cave walls. But soon, Cait discovers more secrets in that cave than just bones.

Finding herself face to face with the man who haunts her dreams, Cait is thrown into the lost world she’d spent her entire life studying and is faced with an undeniable reality: she has traveled back in time, this king believes she is his bride, and Cait isn’t sure she will ever make it back home.

Danger threatens from every direction, but falling in love with a man destined to die brutally in battle may be her greatest downfall.

685 AD

King Brodyn Mac Cuill is determined to keep his people safe, even if it means marrying a strange woman from a rival tribe. An alliance is his only chance at gathering an army large enough to defeat their southern enemies, the Angles, who challenge him daily.

When his bride arrives, she is confused and resistant to marriage. She isn’t the bride he’d hoped for, but lives are at stake. His new bride confuses him with her strange behavior, yet he finds her fascinating and irresistible. When danger follows in her wake, Brodyn must question her loyalties and everything he ever knew.

Their connection is undeniable, but can he trust his bride, who claims to be from the future, or is she a trap sent by his enemy?

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-02-03