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Who Said You Can’t Find Love In The Club by Krystal Armstead


It’s holiday season in Baltimore City. Turkeys are being baked, pie crusts are being filled, families coming in from out of town, and some are even putting up their Christmas decorations in anticipation of Christmas. While some are enjoying their holiday, others are trying to figure out their next meal or where they’ll lay their head those holiday nights.

Prayer Ford had been on her own since she was eight years old. After a horrible fire, where she lost everything, she was sent to live in run down group home called Camp Cumberland or as the kids called it, Camp Killer. From the group home to the homeless shelter, Prayer only existed in this world, fighting her way through life. That was until she met Symphonee, a bartender at a local club called Club Candy.

Sincere “Sin” Knoxberry is a rich, handsome architect and son of one of the richest judges in Maryland. He is silent partner of Club Candy. One night, he runs into an old friend, someone who had his back when no one else did—Prayer.

Prayer was tired of just surviving. And Sincere was tired of being alone. Will this holiday be joyous for the both of them? Or will family history get in the way?

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-02-20