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Wishing in Rome by Jennifer Skully


“There are no two ways around it; this was a beautiful story!” 5 stars

“Skully carved out the best possible man and breathed life into him with this enchanting story!” 5 stars

It’s never too late for wishes to come true…

Dana and Carol, best friends their whole lives, planned the trip of a lifetime to Rome. They’d plotted every detail, from touring the Colosseum to throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain and making wishes. When Carol dies suddenly, Dana is bereft—even more than when her husband left her for another woman. Then a bequest from Carol arrives, telling her to take the trip to Rome they’d planned together. Dana sets out on the journey, determined to rediscover the woman she used to be and find the woman she wants to become. Carol’s final instruction is to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain. But how do you make an impossible wish for the only thing you truly want— to have your best friend back with you?

Marshall Garrison is all business, and so is this trip to Rome. But a chance meeting with Dana Shaw in the Colosseum changes everything. He doesn’t believe in forever-after love, but still, there’s something exceptional about this brave divorcée, gallantly traveling alone. He sets out to be her guide and her friend, but when he discovers her poignant story, he wants more— to help her believe in wishing for the impossible. And in the process, he might even remember that business is only a substitute for the things he used to wish for…

A later in life holiday romance that will take you away from it all…

All books in the Once Again series are stand-alone stories. No cliffhangers!

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