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Wrenched by Emma James


The only man who can save her is the one who condemns her.

What happens when Edge’s past collides with Whisper’s future?

At the end of a night at Boxer’s Bar, Whisper meets a charming stranger and willingly shares a part of herself that she had never given freely. Whisper’s past was marked by being taken as a child, but she found freedom and safety with Boxer and Miss Catherine, who became her family and helped her regain control of her life.

However, an unexpected inheritance now jeopardizes everything Whisper has built, forcing her to leave her safe haven and the only family she has ever known, only to become indebted to others.

Edge’s heart is black. He is a killer. But can one chance meeting with the girl he met in the bar alter his destiny?

This story is captivating, featuring strong women, protective men, powerful villains, and suspenseful twists that will keep readers engaged. It’s a slow-burn dark romance with an unpredictable plot that will have you reading late into the night. Be warned. There is plenty of vengeance in store.

This is a fast-paced, plot-driven, addictive series.

Author Note: If you like a whole cast of well-written characters, an unpredictable plot, an age gap suspenseful romance, a strong female lead, and a biker who will stop at nothing to right wrongs… then read on. This is a five-book series with one novella as a bonus companion read (The Enforcers’ Revenge #4.5 is not to be missed).

Reading Order

Wrenched, Warped, Contorted, Entwined, The Enforcers’ Revenge (novella), and Venerated.

HITCHED is Edge and Whisper’s Wedding Day. What could possibly go wrong? A new couple to ship #teamtora.

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